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Enjoy an aperitif without compromising on a healthy diet

The aperitif - that relaxed, friendly moment that we love so much which often precedes a lovely meal with friends and family, but which also often turns into a nightmare if we are trying to maintain to a healthy diet!
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Why you should eat organic food? | Interview with Magali, Brand Manager

Why you should eat organic food? There are many advantages to an organic diet. It is more natural, tastier, healthier and non-toxic for the body. It also addresses current environmental issues by preserving water, soil and biodiversity. It contributes to the improvement of animal welfare on farms.
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Organic gluten-free crackers | 3 good reasons to include them in your diet

Why eat organic gluten-free crackers?
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Our nutritionist’s opinion

Why include Le Pain des Fleurs’ crackers in your daily diet?
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6 good reasons to add buckwheat to your diet

This small grain, also known as kasha when it is toasted, originates from China and Central Asia and is a pseudocereal: it is a member of the polygonaceae family, the same family of plants as sorrel and rhubarb.
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Portrait of our nutritionnist

The Le Pain des Fleurs blog has had a makeover! For the occasion, and to provide you with even more quality content, we have asked Catherine Grussenmeyer to join our editorial team.
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