Crispy by nature!

Being comfortable with other people starts with being comfortable with yourself. Take care of yourself with something as enjoyable as it is nutritious! Try it - you’ll love it.

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Organic Chestnut Crispbread SPECIAL MATIN
Chestnut Crispbread SPECIAL MATIN

Organic Chestnut Crispbread Special Matin

The Special Matin Douceur Chestnut cracker comes in an unusual format and is extra crunchy with a subtle flavour. Guaranteed to nourish and delight you!

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The Brand 

In 2020, Le Pain des Fleurs will be celebrating its 20th anniversary

The brand was born from the desire to be useful to people, respect the land and rely on alternative farming techniques. Today, “Le Pain des Fleurs gives you the best of what nature has to offer as the basis for a healthier diet, which is synonymous with well-being and harmony in your daily life.

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