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We want to make food that delivers balance and vitality.

The legend


The original idea took seed from the desire to promote the remarkable properties of buckwheat, a nutritious and naturally gluten free grain.

This led to the creation of an original organic recipe for an irresistible, crispy cracker. It is the first buckwheat cracker made using an extrusion process, which gives the product its unique texture.

A selection of new raw materials was the inspiration behind the “Le Pain des Fleurs” cracker, which combines the flavour and nutritional properties of its main ingredient with a delicious crispy texture.


A unique phenomenon, Le Pain des Fleurs became a market leader in the space of a few years, stocked by every specialist organic retailer.

The initial success of Le Pain des Fleurs was achieved mainly via word of mouth, fuelled by the passionate belief of the people who promoted and presented it at numerous trade fairs. Everyone who tasted the crispbreads became a convert! 

20 years on, Le Pain des Fleurs remains true to its original idea: it takes the best of what nature has to offer and provides the basis for a healthier diet.

The recipe for 20 years of success


Organic crispy buckwheat crackers take shape in Haute-Loire

At the time, the buckwheat kernels were sourced from a small local producer and ground into flour using a stone mill. Although we now source our buckwheat from several different areas, the recipe for this original crispbread remains the same: 100% of the flour that goes into it comes from buckwheat.


A brand emerges

The white flowers of the buckwheat plant become an integral part of the brand identity and the inspiration for its name, Le Pain des Fleurs, or “Bread of Flowers”.  The buckwheat crispbreads are awarded their gluten free certification from AFDIAG (the French association for people who suffer from gluten intolerance) and advertise this from now on.


The new “classics"

The success of these buckwheat crispbreads leads to the introduction of new flavours: Quinoa and Chestnut, which very quickly became firm favourites for the brand.


An international presence

The brand embarks on its large-scale exports. Le Pain des Fleurs has a presence in around forty countries, from North America to Asia.


Ongoing brand expansion

After the highly successful launch of Multigrain, Onion and sweet flavour cracker varieties make their debut on the market. Now, fans of Le Pain des Fleurs’ signature crispy crunch can enjoy their crispbreads at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner, as an afternoon snack and an appetizer.


The nutritional wave

For the first time, two crispbreads made from legumes are launched: Green Lentil and Chickpea. Rich in iron and a source of protein, they are quick to win over vegetarian and flexitarian consumers.  A new Black Rice crispbread boosts the impressive existing range with its striking colour and authentic flavour - a real source of inspiration!


The “Spécial Matin” Pain des Fleurs

Consumers tell us that they want a Le Pain des Fleurs crispbread that is easier to spread toppings on and filling enough to have for breakfast. In response, we come up with the perfect alternative to bread and toast: a new, generous, extra-crunchy crispbread with a sweet flavour but no added sugar.

“Le Pain des Fleurs”, an Ekibio brand

Since 1989, we at Ekibio have been involved in the development of organic, vegetable foods that respect people and the planet, in order to give meaning to our diet.

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