Taking care of you

“We are committed to making nutrition synonymous with enjoyment, taking care of you day after day. ”

Your well-being


 Our crispbreads are good for you 

“All our products are organic, nutritionally sound, light and easily digestible. Made with between one and four ingredients and a (very) precise dose of sugar and salt, we place great importance on the simplicity of our recipes. Providing an alternative to regular bread and a taste of something different, we have a wide variety of flavours and original recipes available. “Le Pain des Fleurs” offers you a light source of enjoyment for every occasion, as well as being easy to digest for increased well-being everyday.”

Our recipe guarantees


A trace of sea salt from the Camargue salt marshes, in a selection of our crispbreads
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A trace of fair-trade unrefined cane sugar, where needed

Free from

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Our labels


Guaranteed gluten free


Today, more than one in ten people are required to cut out gluten from their diet for health reasons. To address this issue, the whole “Le Pain des Fleurs” range is manufactured in our workshops, which are reserved exclusively for gluten-free products. To ensure that consumers who are sensitive, intolerant or allergic can easily identify this guarantee, our products are also made under licence from the French Association of Persons Suffering from Gluten Intolerance (AFDIAG). ”


French manufacture

100% of our crispread are designed and made in Haute-Loire.



Our entire range is 100% organic and made from locally grown and processed products to reduce their impact on the environment.


Vegan too!

Our crispy crackers are certified Vegan and therefore free from animal products.